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Unilever’s ambitious climate transition plan: Prioritising supplier emissions cuts for net-zero by 2039

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Unilever unveils a robust climate transition plan aiming for net-zero by 2039, prioritising emissions cuts from suppliers. Led by CEO Hein Schumacher, the strategy emphasises operational specifics, such as ingredient and chemical replacements to mitigate environmental impact. Unilever commits to absolute cuts of 42% in energy and emissions across various sectors by 2030, with a focus on Scope 3 emissions for the first time. The plan outlines a revised 2021 baseline and a $163 million investment over three years in electrification and renewable energy. Shareholders will vote on the plan in May, reflecting stakeholder consultation and alignment with the Science-Based Targets initiative. Unilever’s proactive approach signifies a significant stride towards sustainability in corporate practices.

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