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Easter spending expected to reach $22.4 Billion: NRF survey highlights consumer trends and traditions

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Consumer spending for Easter is projected to hit $22.4 billion, the second-highest figure in the National Retail Federation’s annual survey, slightly trailing last year’s record-setting $24 billion. With 81% of Americans planning to celebrate, average spending per person is anticipated to be $177.06, marking the third-highest in the survey’s history. Food dominates expenditures at $7.3 billion, followed by clothing and gifts. Traditional activities such as cooking, visiting family, and attending church remain popular. Discount stores are the preferred shopping destination for Easter gifts, with tradition, social activities, and sales driving consumer motivation. Even those not celebrating plan to partake in holiday-related sales, spending an average of $20.52 per person. The survey underscores Easter’s significance as a major spending occasion for consumers.

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