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Dove’s stand against AI in beauty: Championing authenticity in advertising

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Dove, in its 20th year of championing Real Beauty, has pledged against using artificial intelligence (AI) to represent women in its advertising, calling AI a major threat to portraying authenticity. Their new campaign, “The Code,” juxtaposes AI-generated perfection with Dove’s inclusive vision of beauty, featuring diverse women. The company also introduced Real Beauty Prompt Guidelines to encourage more representative AI-generated images. Notably, Dove enlisted celebrity ambassadors like Reba McEntire and Drew Barrymore to raise awareness. This move sets Dove apart from competitors, aligning with its mission to combat harmful beauty standards perpetuated online. Despite acknowledging AI’s growing influence, Dove remains committed to empowering women to define beauty on their terms, rejecting AI’s role in shaping beauty ideals. With initiatives like Real Beauty Prompt Guidelines, Dove strives to promote confidence and inclusivity, emphasising the importance of authentic representation in the era of AI-generated content.

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