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Henkel launches ‘Climate Connect’ programme to drive supplier decarbonisation

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Henkel introduces “Climate Connect,” an engagement programme targeting its global network of packaging, traded goods, and raw material suppliers. The initiative aims at advancing decarbonisation throughout the value chain by collecting emissions data, defining reduction strategies collaboratively, and providing continuous training. Teaming up with Manufacture 2030, a carbon reduction partner, Henkel focuses on addressing suppliers and contract manufacturers worldwide, where over 90% of its Scope 3 emissions occur. The programme, encompassing energy, water consumption, and waste volume metrics, will expand gradually to include more suppliers. Through data analysis and training, Henkel and Manufacture 2030 will guide suppliers in assessing their baseline and implementing climate action measures. Additionally, suppliers gain access to environmental progress tracking, data sharing through Manufacture 2030, and opportunities for green finance, supporting Henkel’s commitment to reducing its carbon footprint in alignment with the Paris Climate Agreement.

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