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The metaverse is more than a virtual world for CPG companies



It is now up to businesses to decide what role they will play in the metaverse. Misconceptions regarding the metaverse have emerged, with some believing it is only a place to raise awareness. With blockchain and cryptocurrency incorporated into the platform, companies can create an experience that also generates income. Users spent 29 minutes engaged with one LandVault customer’s metaverse experience, compared to a second or two for advertising. During Sandbox’s third alpha season, the firm had 70 million visits in total, with 40,000 active users on a daily basis.

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Some of the most popular attractions had between a hundred thousand and a million visitors. Users spent more than 20 minutes per session on average and 80 minutes per day. Despite the fact that we are in a recession and seeing falling crypto and tech values, the metaverse industry is still expanding, with greater user adoption, companies launching activations, and a growing global ecosystem of studios across the world generating experiences for brands and projects.

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