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How leading CPG companies use supply chain 3.0 to drive results



CGT reveals the winning strategies that CG executives are using to unleash the potential of supply chain 3.0—an amalgamation of rising technology and smart analytics. Artificial intelligence (AI) is being used by Levi’s, Fresh Del Monte Produce, and Kraft Heinz to expedite and optimise order fulfilment. Levi’s BOOST is an e-commerce system powered by AI and machine intelligence that optimises inventory management.

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Heinz employs artificial intelligence to foresee restrictions and shortages in order to plan for or avert out-of-stock situations. In an Illinois facility, Mars used a digital twin to decrease overfilling. Hormel Foods is one of several businesses investing in digital twins, which let production line operators monitor occurrences in real time. The firm has accessed high-priority customer data sets using the Google Cloud Platform data lake. The organisation has sped up delivery while improving quality and breadth by adopting automation.

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