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Sustainable packaging champion: Kelly Murosky’s journey to reduce plastics and empower women

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Kelly Murosky, a sustainability advocate at Unilever, shares her journey in the packaging industry, focusing on the “less plastics” initiative and empowering women in sustainable packaging. With a background in mechanical engineering and packaging science, she gained experience at Fisher-Price, Kellogg’s, and Keurig Dr. Pepper before joining Unilever. Murosky, now a sustainable packaging manager, leads efforts to reduce virgin plastic use across Unilever’s product range, contributing to a waste-free world. Despite her early challenges as a female engineer, she emphasises the power of confidence and diverse perspectives in the field. Murosky believes the packaging industry offers unique opportunities for women to drive sustainability and innovation. Her success stems from aligning her career with her passion for environmental preservation, continuous learning, and effective communication. Deliberate collaboration and addressing biases are essential for women’s advancement in leadership roles. At Unilever, where 49% of the packaging R&D team comprises women, inclusivity is a priority. Murosky draws inspiration from a female mentor at Burton Snowboards and advises aspiring women to explore their interests and seek practical experience. Her journey exemplifies the potential for determined women to make a sustainable impact in packaging.

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