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Nespresso launches home-compostable pods in sustainability drive amidst regulatory changes

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Nespresso has launched home-compostable coffee pods in France and Switzerland after 3 years of research and development, aligning with their sustainability goals under the “Positive Cup” initiative. This move coincides with the European Commission drafting new packaging regulations that may phase out conventional aluminium and plastic capsules. The coffee pod market, estimated at $25.9 billion in 2022 with a projected 7.3% CAGR, drives the coffee industry’s growth, emphasising convenience and quality. Nespresso’s dominance and increased environmental scrutiny prompted the shift towards sustainable packaging. Despite efforts to recycle, only 32% of Nespresso consumers currently recycle their pods, highlighting the need for more sustainable alternatives. While compostable pods are a positive step, focusing on aluminium pod recycling and exploring reusable capsules could potentially yield greater environmental impact. Nespresso’s commitment to circularity and achieving net zero green coffee emissions by 2030 underscores their broader sustainability vision.

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