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L’Oréal becomes the final investor in the new sustainable biotechnology Geno-led venture

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After the investment by Unilever and Kao Corporation in Geno’s endeavour to discover, produce, and market biotechnology-based replacements for essential components in the formulations of everyday cosmetics, personal care, and cleaning products, L’Oréal becomes the third and final funding investor. The Geno-led enterprise is dedicated to meeting the rising need for sustainable ingredients by utilising biotechnology to enhance the environmental profile of popular goods and to fulfil customer demand for more traceable supply chains. Geno will deploy its biotechnology platform, which will use uniquely designed microbes to ferment plant sugars, producing components for the production of sustainable surfactants. According to Christophe Schilling, Geno’s Chief Executive Officer, the alliance will propel the venture’s objective to the worldwide scale necessary to fulfil significant market demand for sustainable products.

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