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Allbirds announces first zero-carbon footwear made from carbon negative materials

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Allbirds has invented the first zero-carbon footwear, called the “M0.0NSHOT.” It uses carbon-negative materials such as merino wool, sugarcane-based foam, and bioplastic eyelets created from a polymer formed from converted methane. Allbirds collaborated with a regenerative wool programme to get wool from Lake Hawea Station in New Zealand, and the shoe will debut in June at the Global Fashion Conference in Copenhagen. The product has a carbon footprint of 0.0 kilos CO2e, compared to the industry average of 14 kilogrammes (approximately 30 pounds) CO2e. Allbirds is building on the buzz caused by its relationship with Adidas in 2020, when it launched what it claimed the lowest-carbon-footprint shoe at the time. The firm is also open-sourcing a toolkit that describes how it got Moonshot to net zero, which will be more of a strategy for businesses to collaborate with Allbirds on leveraging the technology.

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