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Kellogg’s strategy is to stay ahead of the e-commerce curve by continually improving its DTC business

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As more B2B buyers are transforming into digital-first buyers, suppliers and manufacturers need to step up by grabbing the opportunities offered by e-commerce to scale their business and expand customer retention. Data analytics, as per the vice president, Global Ecommerce for Kellogg Co., Rob Birse, is the key to achieve this goal. In an EnvisionB2B Conference & Exhibition in Chicago, he explained how Kellogg Co. utilises data to create a value proposition for its customers that goes beyond purchasing through online channels. Kellogg Co. as a manufacturer collects data from retail outlets and makes recommendations to help the retailer improve its operations. Beyond the use of data, Kellogg Co. promotes the culture of innovation by seeking out third-party tech partnerships and donating food to needy people.

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