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L’Oréal’s chief digital officer gave insights about the Metaverse and Web3 space



L’Oréal is foraying into the web3 and metaverse with innovative ideas that can reshape the beauty industry and plans to accelerate towards an on-chain model. As per the chief digital officer at L’Oréal, Asmita Dubey, the transformation in the beauty industry is moving from digitisation to visualisation. She further explained that the move is from O plus O to O plus O plus O, which is offline plus online plus on-chain. In the metaverse, L’Oréal will focus on the new visual codes of beauty in the form of avatars with concreted looks, web3 brands, or futuristic experiences. At the annual technology conference in Paris named VivaTech, L’Oréal will showcase its YSL Beauté’s Rouge Sur Measure, which is an AI-powered at-home lip colour personalisation technology. Besides this, L’Oréal plans to exhibit the future of O plus O plus O with Lancôme Shade Finder for foundation matching. This personalised tech named inclusive technology can detect up to 22,500 skin shades. The online version of the technology uses a 360° video of the customer’s face to recommend the perfect foundation shade for the consumer.

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