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McKinsey’s survey debunked myths and scepticism revolving around the Metaverse

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The metaverse is surrounded by numerous myths and scepticism. Many individuals believe that this virtual world will change the way they shop, live or socialise, while there is another group of individuals that holds that metaverse is the world designed only for celebrities and gamers. To debunk some of the myths surrounding the metaverse, McKinsey and Company surveyed 1000 consumers, including advocates and early adopters. It is believed that nobody knows about the metaverse, however, McKinsey’s survey results revealed that 55% of the participated consumers knew about the metaverse, while 47% of them described it with vibrant clarity. Some users hold that metaverse is a fad, while others think of it as the future. McKinsey revealed that 10% of consumers tried metaverse exercises or metaverse dating, and they found these virtual-empowered activities more pleasant than real-life alternatives. Few individuals are of the opinion that the metaverse is only for gamers, however, 40% of the consumers said that they are excited to interact, shop, play, and travel in the digital space. People are majorly sceptical about the metaverse because they think they cannot make money in the metaverse, while in reality, consumers spent $219 annually on digital assets, of which more than 30% is spent on metaverse-related technology. Although the metaverse is shrouded in myths, the majority of consumers are extremely excited and expect brands to enter into the metaverse.

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