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Kellogg’s Adds NaviLens Tech To Cereal Packaging To Assist Blind And Weak Vision Shoppers



To boost accessibility for blind and weak vision consumers, Kellogg Co. is incorporating NaviLens technology into the packaging of four types of cereal in the United States. Kellogg’s Corn Flakes, Special K Original, Rice Krispies, and Crispix are among the products that have had their packaging updated. The NaviLens and NaviLens GO applications detect and scan a high-contrast smart code made of multicoloured squares on a black backdrop.

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The codes can pinpoint the items from many feet away and assist shoppers in navigating to the merchandise. Customers may use the applications to hear the cereal’s name, packaging size, nutritional information, and other facts in up to 36 different languages. Kellogg has committed to adding NaviLens codes to all of the company’s US-based corporate buildings by the end of 2023, in addition to the packaging upgrade.

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