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Coca-Cola’s freestyle beverage dispenser provides real-time data for product development



Food and beverage firms in the CPG market are continuously on the search for real-time data that they can use to design new items that customers would like. Coca-Cola’s Freestyle has proven to be the golden grail for the beverage giant. Coca-Cola Freestyle allows users to not only discover and try new ideas but also collect data in real time. The touch-screen beverage dispenser debuted in 2009 and is currently found in tens of thousands of restaurants, grocery shops, movie theatres, and other businesses.

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Each of the 32 distinct brands provides a wealth of important data, which the Atlanta-based business sifts through every day. Coca-Cola may monitor what beverages are most frequently poured, what time of day they are drank, and how it differs by region. In other circumstances, the data may indicate a chance to introduce a popular beverage flavour from the Freestyle machine into the beverage aisle.

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