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Harry Jowsey shares his five tips for gathering 4.8M followers



Harry Jowsey became a social media influencer after his appearance on Netflix’s Too Hot To Handle. He has amassed 4.8M followers on TikTok and 4M followers on Instagram. In an interview, he recalled five tips to garnering an organic audience. The first is to remain consistent while posting content. Doing it every day at the same time would help a great deal, as algorithms are attracted to consistency. The next step is to look at analytics, determine what the audience likes, and adjust the content accordingly before posting. Collaboration with other creators is quite important too, as it exposes content creators to different audiences. For this, the focus should be on collaborating with people who have larger followings. Next, he advises forming one’s own personal brand, avoiding things that go against it and focusing on things that align with it. Finally, it’s important to post fresh and innovative content that holds the followers’ attention.

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