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A summary of content marketing by seven successful brands



Content marketing is one of the chief solutions that can save a dying business. Seven brands have done something successful in this field. Neil Patel’s blog incorporates charts, graphs, statistics, and active interaction with his readership, which helps him stay in Google searches. Duolingo’s TikTok account posts funny and personal content, not necessarily directly related to promotion, which nonetheless brings potential customers. ZipRecruiters has a podcast that consistently talks about its niche of hiring and job searching. Starbucks’ Instagram, on the other hand, instead of posting just coffee pics and bakery items, features inclusive campaigns that garner attention and increase business. Dove posts user-generated content about real people using the brand and sharing their experiences that comes off as genuine. In a similar vein, Wayfair has a campaign #WayfairAtHome that encourages customers to post the brand’s products at their homes. Finally, LinkedIn uses visual marketing with infographics, images, and illustrations to attract 1.5 million Twitter followers. Companies can take ideas from all of these brands to incorporate marketing into their own projects.

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