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Concerns about climate change have increased, instigating sustainable behaviours in consumers



The fear of climate change in consumers has increased in the last year. 46% (up from 39%) consider climate change as the chief environmental problem, followed by air quality (36%) and plastic pollution (33%) in 2022. Concern over water and food shortages has increased too. Extreme weather conditions in their surroundings have encouraged people to do more for improvement, according to 58% of consumers. 38% want to show others what they are doing to help the environment by posting on social media. Similarly, 24% have calculated their carbon footprint using online apps. It shows that consumers’ sustainable behaviours have been unlocked and they prefer frugality, with recycling packaging at 59% in 2022 as opposed to 60% in 2021. The data for this research was collected by Mintel Consulting Sustainability Barometer across 16 countries.

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