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Weekly Snapshot of Top Trends in CG Industry



This is the weekly snapshot of top trends from the Consumer Goods industry in the past week (1st August-5th August). We have covered different categories, including:

Direct to Consumer: P&G launched a virtual shopping space on Shopee, a southeast Asian e-commerce marketplace, in which consumers would find themselves in a virtual house where products from P&G brands like Olay, Oral B, Gillette, and Downey are displayed.

AI and Robotics: Kraft Heinz joined the AI Craiyon, previously called Dall-E 2 as an extension of its “Draw Ketchup” campaign. Dall-E 2 generates pictures of any phrase that is put into the search box.

Sustainability: Sprite has decided to forgo its green bottles for white plastic ones from August to reduce waste, improve the quality of recycled material and increase the availability of food-grade rPET.

Consumer Trends: The rising prices have become the chief worry of consumers and their focus has shifted to budgeting. Around half the European people have reduced their savings money, also buying smaller quantities and delaying purchases.

Supply Chain: Coca-Cola has established a digital academy to up-skill employees, training 500 people in the first year to combat supply chain problems, which has increased productivity by 20%.

Metaverse: P&G has forayed into the metaverse with BeautySphere, a virtual storytelling world, in a bid to influence consumers who are difficult to reach by traditional marketing.