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P&G uses BeautySphere to foray into the metaverse



P&G has forayed into the metaverse with BeautySphere, a virtual storytelling world. It is in a bid to influence consumers who are difficult to reach by traditional marketing. Through the Responsible Beauty platform, the customers would virtually be able to visit the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew to examine how P&G partners work around Herbal Essences. On completion of this programme, the participants are going to help plant a tree in Veracruz. The platform is focused on sustainability, safety, transparency, quality, inclusion, and well-being. BeautySphere will also use live and simulated content, panel discussions, and gamified challenges to attract consumers. Despite many brands experimenting with the virtual world, according to a report, just 38% of the global consumer population is aware of the metaverse as of now.

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