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Unilever ventured into the metaverse with its Degree, Magnum and Sunsilk brands



Unilever has ventured into the metaverse with several brands under its name. Degree Inclusive launched its virtual marathon of 26.2 miles on Decentraland catering to people who have disabilities, following after its real container designed to be used one-handed. Last month, Magnum also chose Decentraland to release a virtual museum during the MET AMS metaverse festival in Amsterdam. The original artwork was used in partnership with artists. Similarly, Sunsilk launched its Sunsilk City on Roblox which aimed at combating gender stereotypes in the gaming world. In an interview, Invisible North’s Renaud talked about metaverse, saying that any brand that has a digitally inclined consumer base should experiment with the virtual world. According to him, it is inevitable for e-commerce and metaverse to converge. He advises that the events with both virtual as well as physical presence are the way to go.

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