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Chobani joins the metaverse with group racing event



After a virtual marathon, now metaverse is set to have a group racing and discoverability event launched by Chobani in partnership with Thinkingbox. The event is for the Roblox community and participants can accrue points and rewards by racing through a galaxy that has Chobani Oatmilk spaceships making deliveries to planets. Chobani is going to donate $75,000 to Hunger Free America once a specific goal is reached. The company thinks this would attract new people to their brand. The brand has decided to expand in the real world too with a custom nail art event in Chillhouse’s flagship store in New York City. Chobani is not the only one to have entered the metaverse. Nike launched its Nikeland designed after the real space where participants can use accelerometers and play tag, dodgeball, and the floor is lava. Forever 21 also has a similar kind of space modelled after real-world headquarters. It allows users to own shops, buy and sell from them as well as hire NPC staff. Other companies include Heineken with its virtual brewery and PacSun in Decentraland.

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