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Top ranking global brands in 2021

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YouGov BrandIndex, a globalized company that measures the fundamentals of a brand, spoke to numerous Americans and revealed that Band-Aid, with a 50.0 score, is the top-ranked brand among consumers. The company ranked the brands by calculating an average of value, impression, reputation, satisfaction, and recommendation. In the second position was Dawn with a score of 49.7. The third position was secured by Clorox with 46.7 scores and the fourth spot was filled by Hershey’s with 46.0 scores. M&M’s, scoring 45.3, secured the fifth spot. In the list of improved brands, Pfizer secured the first spot by rising 12.5 points. The second and third spot was filled by CeraVe and Bumble Bee increasing by 4.4 and 3.9 points, respectively.

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