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SmartLabel’s growth is driven by consumer demand for transparency

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A recent research by SmartLabel reported that 83% of the consumers are interested to know more about a product than what’s presented on a physical label. Stacy Papadopoulos, general counsel and SVP of operations and initiatives for the Consumer Brands Association (a CPG trade group), shared insights about the demand, growth, future plans, and significance of SmartLabels. Transparency is increasingly being demanded by consumers, and they are eager to know more than what the physical label offers. Stacy said that SmartLable has become a Trustmark, when consumers see a SmartLable on a product, they know that the brand is committed to offer transparency. Brands can utilise digital labels to interact with their consumers and showcase their commitment to transparency, said Stacy. She further added that SmartLabel aims to provide a platform to brands, allowing them to talk about things they care about and stay connected with their consumers. Plus, SmartLabel can be used as a tool to raise awareness about recycling among audiences along with providing them with real-time information.

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