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SC Johnson’s concentrated Windex is back, replacing recycling



SC Johnson has launched a new concentrate of its cleaning product, winning the hearts of consumers after they ignored it for a year. More than a year ago, SC Johnson launched its concentrated Windex to cut plastic waste. Consumers had to put the concentrate into a spray bottle, add water, and shake it to make the perfect bathroom mirror cleaner. The manufacturing of these concentrates used 90% less plastic, but the product was ignored both by the consumers and retailers. Now, single-use plastic has become the big thing, and startups are winning consumers with refillable shampoos, which in return pressurise CPG companies to come up with similar solutions. Therefore, SC Johnson has reinvented its concentrated Windex and launched it at Target and Amazon. Numerous other CPG brands are now testing and trying concentrated products and raising awareness among audiences about the benefits of refillable packaging.

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