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Oura, a DTC wearable-tech company, expanded its customer reach via TV marketing



With the passage of time, DTC e-commerce is gaining popularity, but brands struggle with measuring the performance of marketing campaigns and new channels, said Ron Jacobson, CEO of Rockerbox (a marketing attribution startup, helping DTC brands overcome the measurement challenges). Oura, a Finland-based wearable health tech company, has overruled these complexities by testing promotions on linear TV. Like other DTC companies, Oura spends a significant budget on paid social media promotions, but to boost its organic marketing the DTC brand targeted television. When the wearable-tech company launched its smart rings last fall, the firm invested a lot in TV to expand its audience and reach more customers. Surprisingly, the now-forgotten model of marketing, TV, generated a lift in sales and helped the DTC brand gain new customers.

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