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Revolutionising packaging: Mars, Inc.’s digital-first approach

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Mars, Inc., the parent company of renowned brands like M&M’s and Snickers, is revolutionising its packaging approach by harnessing simulation technology for virtual testing and prototyping. Initially focused on its snacking business, this initiative employs cutting-edge multi-physics computer modelling technology from Ansys, minimising the necessity for extensive physical testing. By simulating various scenarios, Mars gains valuable insights into production, such as the impact of wrapping on fulfilment and how items withstand drops, reducing instances of packaging failure. This digital transformation has already yielded significant benefits, with a 40% reduction in development time and 246 tonnes less plastic materials used for testing. Furthermore, Mars aims to achieve 100% reusable, recyclable, or compostable packaging, aligning with its sustainability goals. This innovative approach promises a more eco-friendly and efficient packaging process, driving Mars towards a future where packaging becomes waste-free.

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