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Perfect Corp. showcases virtual try-on and AI innovations at Beauty Tech Forum

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Perfect Corp., a Taiwanese firm specialising in augmented reality (AR) and artificial intelligence (AI) solutions, showcased its virtual try-on (VTO) technology and other innovations at its annual Global Beauty and Fashion Tech Forum. The company has partnered with major beauty brands to bring VTO to e-commerce and physical stores, offering consumers the ability to digitally view products in real-world settings. Perfect Corp.’s CEO, Alice Chang, emphasised the company’s commitment to generative AI development and highlighted the AI Fashion Stylist and AI personalised makeup experiences as recent innovations. The forum also discussed the integration of VTO and AI in beauty retail, the importance of predictive personalization, and the role of metaverses and digital sampling. Large conglomerates like Coty and Estée Lauder showcased their digital strategies, including employee AI integration and the development of virtual metaverse worlds.

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