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Here’s PepsiCo’s Goal Towards Reduction of Sugars, Sodium, and Saturated Fats

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According to PepsiCo’s 2021 ESG Summary, cutting out sugar, sodium, and saturated fats in foods and drinks is their primary goal. The company achieved its goal of reducing saturated fats in 2021 with 75% of its convenient foods portfolio not crossing 1.1 grams of saturated fat per 100 calories. It was 4 years ahead of schedule. There was also a decrease in sodium in 2021 with a 66% convenient food portfolio not exceeding 1.3 mg sodium per calorie. 75% is the goal for 2025. Sodium reductions were also implemented in Turkey with Doritos Tacos and in Egypt with Cheese and Flaming Hot Cheetos. PepsiCo also set a goal of reducing sugar to less than 100 calories per 12 oz for 67% of its beverage portfolio volume. By 2021, they reached 53%. In a similar vein, the company has also been showcasing more environmentally friendly packaging solutions.

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