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Nutrients that require the attention of CG retailers and producers



The Dietary Guidelines for Americans DGA identified calcium, vitamin D, and fibre as nutrients essential for good health. Vitamin D boosts the immunity system, but as per DGA’s report, 90% of Americans do not manducate enough vitamin D. 31% of Americans are ready to pay up to 10% more for a food item that includes vitamin D in it, according to the research from HealthFocus International, St. Petersburg, Fla. The Food and Drug Administration FDA claims that adequate consumption of calcium can minimize the risk of osteoporosis. DGA’s study reveals that 30% of men and 60% of adult females do not take enough calcium. Fibre is a key component in healthier snack items, but DGA asserts that 90% of women and 97% of men do not take enough fibre while snacking. The study from The Hartman Group, Bellevue, Wash., reveals that 70% of consumers eat snacks regularly, whereas 60% of consumers try to consume a snack rich in fibre only once a week.

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