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Kellogg’s perspective: themes shaping the ESG strategies



The chairman and CSO of Kellogg’s Co., Steve Cahillane, deduced a few themes significant in shaping the environmental, social, and governance (ESG) strategies for his firm. 1, A company should base on a vision and a clear purpose. Kellogg’s keeps its business partners and community members informed and integrated through its Deploy for Growth Strategy. 2, A firm should concoct a diverse team of intelligent members. Kellogg’s Equity, Diversity & Inclusion (ED&I) strategy aims to recruit 25% racially-diverse talent by the end of 2025. 3, Sustainability should be the torchbearer for growth, as Kellogg’s issued its first €300 million sustainability bond that enables focus on visibility. 4, CG companies should promote global partnerships by considering the end-to-end supply chain. For this purpose, Kellogg’s teamed up with industry giants, including Consumer Goods Forum and the Science-Based Targets initiative.

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