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Lesley Salmon talks about AI and its importance as a Vice President for Kellogg

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In an interview, Lesley Salmon, Senior Vice President & Chief Information Officer at Kellogg, shared her experiences. According to her, AI would be most significant in driving IT investments at Kellogg. The company is focused on creating an optimised search for e-commerce, better execution at the point of sale with customers, and increased efficiency in business forecasting and supply chain planning. Similarly, improved assortment, optimised experience and personalised content for consumers are huge targets too. The main priorities of Salmon include helping people realise the benefits of AI, experimenting and learning, and advocating ED&I. Globally, she holds operational, tactical, and strategic responsibilities. Enterprise risk management and business value-driving projects usually fall under IT. Salmon believes that AI, machine learning, and Data & Analytics have the best scope post-pandemic. As a result, under her leadership, the company launched YODA for technical training, career strategies, and virtual programmes on how to best use the company’s vast set of data and analytics to break down silos.

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