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Bites is a tool that allows social media-like communications among employers and employees

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Bites is a communication platform that enables people to share bite-sized pieces of professional content, similar to social media. Unilever is using it and shares close to 30 bites a month. During COVID, the company used it to educate employees on safety regulations through videos and quizzes. The key features of the app include interactive elements like quizzes, summary cards, filters, GIFs, voice-overs, and the ability to use slow or fast motion. AI-driven features, which include natural language processing (NLP), speech-enhancement tools, and audio-subtitling tools, make the content more accessible, while automated translation enables training in multiple languages. On completion of content, it can be shared on MS Teams, SMS, and WhatsApp. In addition to this, employees can also make bites, highlighting problems and showing how to do procedures correctly. Active users of the app create 10 to 30 bites per month with a 90% engagement rate. The main steps to being successful include making the message precise, sharp, and short while taking responsibility for monitoring the employees.

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