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Kellogg’s Charisse Hughes and Lesley Salmon on DTC efforts and advances

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For Kellogg, one of the most important steps in the digital transformation of the DTC efforts is standardising as much as possible on a common back end, said Salmon. This allows the firm to drive efficiency and effectiveness across IT function. In turn, that means the firm can also drive speed and agility—important factors from a personalisation perspective. It also allows taking advantage of a common approach to data, which allows driving value from it. Besides this, Hughes mentioned that they are testing a platform called Antenna, which is using the capabilities of DTC backbones to personalise food innovation. This enables them to create accessible food for consumers and in turn, supports their mission to promote equitable access to food. This platform also leverages a value exchange for data with consumers. Consumers can earn rewards by donating their meals to local organizations. When they log in, they’re greeted by an animated bot named Tony the Tiger. From there, the platform tests dozens of food concepts using the AI engine. One of the things that is really important about this engine is that it minimises bias and captures diverse audiences across preferences and characteristics. This allows us to drive an AI engine that minimises bias and maximises our ability to serve customers’ interests.

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