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Building a successful online shopping experience in the Metaverse



Retailers are developing collaborative channels in the Web3 space to connect with consumers and create exciting brand experiences by offering personalised shopping experiences. In doing so, the western brands are creating a grated branded community channel using already existing social channels like Twitch and Discord. Twitch is an old gaming platform in the web3 space, which is now being used by non-gamers to interact with others and participate in conversations and activities. A British fast-fashion brand named Boohoo has also forayed into the metaverse by launching its NFTs and has successfully encapsulated the environment with the right lingo. As more and more consumers are buying digital assets, including metaverse gaming tools, famous brands like Gucci are releasing their own games on Roblox. Victoria’s Secret has also launched its digital twin named Happy Nation on Roblox, which is gender-free and size-inclusive. Beyond these efforts, brands are allowing consumers to dress and style their digital avatar with versatile digital clothing known as skins.

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