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Herbert W. Frank, former computer artist became NFT Artist



Herbert W. Franke, a digital artist visualising math as art, became a sensation with his art piece Mondrian (1979)  hosted by blockchain company Tezos at Art Basel. He also shared 100 images as NFTs on the Quantum platform days prior, which sold out in 30 seconds. In an interview, he talked about how Mondrian was developed for Texas Instruments 99/4 named after a Dutch artist and made up of dynamic algorithms. The artist believes that blockchain would be a stepping stone for the propagation of digital art. He compared digital art to musical instruments and believes that technology isn’t inherently opposed to art. Franke amassed 15,000 followers in just a few days after joining Twitter, testifying to his popularity. He holds his mentor Franz Roh in high esteem who encouraged him to take his art more seriously and write his book. Franke also claims that the code of art, including that of music and literature, will be understood and automated soon.

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