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Green Revolution in a Cup: Cup Noodles Introduces Eco-Friendly Paper Cup Design for 2024

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Cup Noodles, a popular brand under Nissin Foods USA, is undergoing a significant transformation with the introduction of a new paper cup design to replace its current polystyrene cup. This change is hailed as a “historic” shift, as the redesigned cup is not only eco-friendly but also microwavable, enhancing convenience for consumers. Furthermore, it eliminates the need for boiling water, drastically reducing cooking time to just 2 minutes and 15 seconds. The redesigned paper cup is made from 40% recycled fibre, eliminates the use of plastic wrap, and includes a sleeve crafted from 100% recycled paper. By removing polystyrene packaging from its entire portfolio, Nissin is aligning with its sustainability commitment, the Earth Food Challenge 2030, aiming to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 30% by 2030 and achieve carbon neutrality by 2050. This innovative step marks a crucial milestone in Cup Noodles’ evolution while supporting environmental responsibility, and it will be implemented across all flavours in early 2024.

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