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Exploring trends in supermarket Deli pizza: From take-and-bake to upcycled crusts

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Supermarket delis are meeting the demand for quick and convenient pizza options with a focus on take-and-bake products. Pace Processing & Product Development, based in British Columbia, emphasises its Artisan Hand Panned Pizza range to provide quality and value in the home meal replacement sector. Atoria’s Family Bakery in California offers simple ingredient pizza crusts, naan, and lavash for easy homemade pizza assembly, catering to busy consumers. They’ve also ventured into upcycled options like cauliflower and coconut keto-friendly pizza crust and mini naan made from rescued grains. The concept of upcycling, reducing food waste, and creating resourceful, personalised pizzas is gaining momentum. While the better-for-you pizza segment is growing, mainstream pizzas still dominate, with gluten-free and keto options facing taste challenges. Consumers tend to opt for indulgence over dietary restrictions in the pizza category.

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