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Consumer demand for meatless protein is up And growing



A survey revealed that 77% of respondents could be swayed to purchase more plant-based products. Consumers care most about taste, followed by price and the desire for new options. Plant-based burger sales hit $1.4 billion last year, up 19% from 2019. Veylinx’s Veylinx study found that purchases of refrigerated plant-based meat alternatives declined 11.6% over the past year. Consumers are looking for more exotic meatless protein options such as seafood, jerky and ready-to-eat meals.

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Sales of vegan versions of chicken nuggets, strips, and cutlets doubled over the last three years. Some startups are creating plant-based bacon that more closely resembles the original. Plant-based seafood alternatives are also growing in popularity. One company created the Mind Blown brand to promote its vegan versions of crab cakes and scallops. The winner in the best meat alternative category was pulled pork from The Mushroom Meat Co.

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