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An overview of successful AI startups in Austin

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In 2021, companies in Austin raised $4.9b capital in 380 deals, double from 2020. Insure tech companies, new space startups, female-founded startups, and BIPOC-founded startups have seen a rise. MeBeBot is a virtual assistant used by companies for frequently asked questions. Its customers include Epicor, e2open, Ziff Davis, HireVue, Abrigo, CrowdStreet, Terminal, Massage Envy, Toyota Insurance Management Solutions,, and IGT. Journey Foods launched a machine learning-powered software platform for food companies that improves product monitoring and development for CPG companies, ingredient suppliers, and manufacturers. Its supply chain management market was valued at $18,699.45 million in 2020 and is expected to increase. ConverseNow helps virtual assistants automate the order-taking process. The service is spread across 40 states with more than 1200 restaurants, including Domino’s Pizza, Fazoli’s, and Blake’s Lotaburger. Uplevyl enables women to elevate their professional, personal, and financial lives. Shubhi Bhonsle-Rao, its founder and CEO, is a former senior executive with Alphabet, Tesco, PricewaterhouseCoopers, and Ford Motor Company, among others. At last, Strangeworks has humanised quantum computing and made it accessible to everyone. $1.7m of investments have been announced in its startups.

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