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Weekly Snapshot of Top Trends in CG Industry



This is the weekly snapshot of top trends from the Consumer Goods industry in the past week (22nd August-26th August). We have covered different categories, including:

Direct to Consumer: China topped the list, with 45.3% of retail sales taking place online, followed by the UK with a 35.9% share and South Korea with a 30.1% share.

AI and Robotics: CPG companies can increase revenue by incorporating data science, which would analyse consumer forecasts via Pecan AI, an analytics startup.

Sustainability: The fear of climate change in consumers has increased as 46% consider climate change as the chief environmental problem, followed by air quality (36%) and plastic pollution (33%) in 2022.

Consumer Trends: Harry Jowsey amassed 4.8M followers on TikTok and 4M followers on Instagram by posting content consistently, observing analytics and collaborating with other creators.

Supply Chain: PepsiCo is boosting the purchase of 30,000 pallets made up of UBQ. The pallets also contain recycled PP resin and recycled BOPP, streamlining PepsiCo’s supply chain.

Metaverse: Hindustan Unilever (HUL) has created a web-based digital Augmented Reality Game on Vossle, which is a SaaS platform that creates a Metaverse WebAR experience.