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Unilever empowers retailers with AI-driven freezers and vending machines, boosts sales by 15-35%

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Unilever has implemented cutting-edge image capture and artificial intelligence (AI) technology in around 50,000 of its freezers, revolutionising the way they manage stock levels, order supplies, and notify stores when restocking is required. This innovative integration has not only benefitted Unilever but also led to a 15–35% increase in sales for retailers. The image capture system takes periodic photos, which are then analysed using AI to facilitate seamless stock management and ordering processes. Unilever’s global reach as a major ice cream distributor has enabled this technology to be applied to their vending machines at locations like gas stations, college campuses, and airports. Additionally, Unilever has developed an e-commerce app for AI-based refrigerators, enabling retailers to place orders, monitor stock levels, make payments, and access special offers. The company is further leveraging AI to develop new cleaning products and has piloted a human-free shopping experience using Robomarts for ice cream delivery. Unilever remains committed to maximising energy efficiency, enhancing customer experiences, and staying at the forefront of AI advancements.

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