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Tyson Foods embarks on autonomous truck deliveries with Gatik AI

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Tyson Foods has initiated autonomous truck deliveries of breakfast sausage, hot dogs, and frozen chicken breasts with Gatik AI in Northwest Arkansas, a three-year contract that may expand nationwide. Gatik has been operating on a 7.1-mile route between a warehouse and a Walmart retail store in Bentonville, Arkansas. The autonomous delivery service will serve Tyson as a third-party carrier using four Gatik trucks equipped for autonomy. Tyson, which operates the nation’s eighth-largest private fleet, views autonomous deliveries as a way to enhance efficiency, reduce carbon footprints, and repurpose driver roles for regional routes. The deployment comes as Gatik has been operating short-haul, repeatable routes for Walmart, Loblaws, and Kroger with thousands of accident-free trips.

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