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To improve the circularity of plastic packaging, the Recycling Partnership launched the PET Recycling Coalition

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The Recycling Partnership has launched the PET Recycling Coalition initiative to improve the PET circularity. The coalition will work on four key aspects to increase PET recycling 1, capturing the PET bottles at higher rates. 2, raising awareness among the audience to accept PET trays, cups, and clamshells. 3, strengthening recycling systems for pigmented and opaque PET. 4, unlocking new supply opportunities of recycled PET (rPET) for packaging manufacturers. This coalition is supported by the Indorama Ventures, Procter & Gamble, and the Walmart Foundation. Other leading brands, including Eastman, Indorama Ventures, Danone, and The Coca-Cola Company, are supporting the initiative of PET recycling by unlocking and promoting its environmental and economic benefits.

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