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TerraCycle creates Zero Waste Boxes that would make food packaging more sustainable



Food manufacturers like snack producers and bakeries have been famous for leaving behind an environmental footprint. The main reason is the usual and non-recyclable nature of their packaging. A solution has been found for this particular problem. TerraCycle has designed a range of Zero Waste Boxes that can be used in food contact environments and, unlike previously, are recyclable. Shipping labels allow the box to be returned to TerraCycle’s Material Recovery Facility, where it is sorted for reuse. So, manufacturers can use them without fear of waste. Even ear plugs, hair nets, disposable gloves, and safety equipment have been considered too complex to be sorted by waste management companies for recycling. TerraCycle is combating the problem by making all of these items recyclable too. Four Zero Waste Boxes have been designed, including the Safety Equipment and Protective Gear Zero Waste Box, Disposable Gloves Zero Waste Box, Disposable Gloves and Face Masks Zero Waste Box, and Beard Nets and Hair Nets Zero Waste Box. The cost of them covers shipping, storage, processing, and transport.

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