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Shoppable content: what the future holds for retailers

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Social commerce is the new normal of the 21st century and shoppable content serves as the foundation, helping social commerce sales double by 2025. Shoppable content features videos, catalogs, digital images, or social media posts, allowing consumers to buy products directly. Hashtags like #tiktokmademebuyit (TikTok), shopping features like shop module, shop button, and live shopping (Twitter), and Snapchat’s Verishop collaboration are promoting shoppable content. Retailers can leverage newly introduced social media features like Instagram reels, Facebook shops, live-streaming, and Pinterest shopping to boost their e-commerce by providing the shopper relevant content. Shoppable content can function beyond add to cart and buy now buttons on retailers’ e-commerce sites as companies can optimise the content through shoppable multimedia, images, and customer reviews.

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