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Maybelline New York ventures into Roblox’s virtual world for self-expression campaign

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Maybelline New York has entered the virtual world of Roblox through a partnership with Splash, introducing a 360-brand campaign targeting makeup enthusiasts and the music community within the platform. Within Roblox, Maybelline offers virtual beauty looks, mini-games, and exclusive music, emphasising self-expression as one of its core values. Emily Arkells, VP of Digital for Maybelline New York, stated that this collaboration aligns with their commitment to providing consumers with new and exciting self-expression experiences. Maybelline’s Makeup Your Mix campaign invites Roblox users to experiment with a wide range of the brand’s products in virtual spaces. Additionally, Maybelline has partnered with virtual DJ Kai to release her latest track, “Fantasy,” and host a listening party, further engaging with Roblox’s creative community.

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