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Inflation, working model revolution, and sustainability expectations will reshape the future of the CPG industry



In its CPG Outlook 2022 report, the Consumer Brands Association cited three major trends that will influence the remainder of the year for the CPG industry. 1, Inflation: the manufacturing costs for products have been increasing for a few months parallel to the supply chain disruptions, Russia’s invasion, and the ongoing pandemic. Although the price rise for CPG products was less (8.0%) than the overall consumer inflation (8.5%), industry cost absorption will eventually reach an inevitable breaking point. 2, working model revolution: pandemic has reshaped the fully remote or hybrid working model as 59% of Americans want the work schedule flexibility, as compared to the 39% of individuals who demand predictable and set work schedules, according to the Consumer Brands-Ipsos poll. Keeping this trend in mind, Consumer Brands’ members are considering to offer flexibility to recruit for 1200 openings in CPG manufacturing. 3, Sustainability expectations: America has 10,000 multi-systems of recycling that lead to confusion for 71% of Americans. As per the Ipsos poll, 65% believe that similar recycling rules should be implemented across the nation.

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