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India’s largest food and FMCG business, Udaan, is transforming business patterns of retailers and sellers



India’s largest Food and FMCG business, Udaan, has achieved unicorn status in India by encapsulating 5 lakh retailers in 5 years. The company’s hunger to reinvent and reimagine the food and grocery retail ecosystem in India remains insatiable as the firm wants all multinationals, regional and local entrepreneurs to turn to Udaan for growth. Udaan, a B2B e-commerce retail focus business, has transformed into a one-stop-shop model for the grocery business. Through its platform, the company sells 5 lakh products of 2500 brands, while the food business features staple and fresh products including grocery, beverages, pulses, and dairy items. One of the major innovational contributions of Udaan is “Project Baharat” which features a roadmap to reach 600 Tier II and Tier III cities, utilizing its existing infrastructure and network. Under the same project, Udaan plans to personalize products for retailers and bring innovational improvements in the supply chain system.

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