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Gen X consumers seek brands for stress relief: Study highlights top brands and unique insights

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According to a recent study by the Collage Group, Gen X consumers are seeking brands to help alleviate their stress due to their multiple responsibilities. Brands like Crayola, YouTube, and Netflix are being repositioned as relaxation tools. The study ranked 480 brands and found that 31% of Gen-Xers prioritise improving their mental health and emotional well-being. Additionally, 54% of the segment wishes mental health was more normalised and discussed in society. The top 10 brands for Gen X include Band-Aid, YouTube, Dawn, Amazon, Clorox, Netflix, and Snickers. Lego, ranked 45th, has successfully marketed to both Gen Xers and their children. Gen Xers, currently aged 44 to 58, are balancing homeownership, parenthood, and caretaking responsibilities. The study also reveals that 69% of Gen Xers are pet owners, and 58% consider climate change a serious problem. Gen X is the first generation in which women outperformed men in higher education. They are presently in their peak earning years and make up the second-largest generation in the workforce. The Collage Group assesses brand performance based on cultural fluency and other metrics through monthly consumer surveys of diverse populations.

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